100 Acres, Unit 511, Tract 9,10,22,23,24

    ALL TOGETHER. ?JUST FORECLOSED! SAVE $20,000!! PICK UP INSTANT VALUE/EQUITY. ALREADY SUBDIVIDED FOR RE-SALE OR SIMPLY HOLD FOR AN INVESTMENT. ONLY 7 MILES FROM PAVED HIGHWAY #1111. BUY NOW! WON'T LAST LONG. Really good investment! Already subdivided for you into "Five" 20 acre tracts, ideal to live or enjoy one and sell-off others. $0 Down controls almost 3 million square feet of land with survey & roads. Dream of land ownership.

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    Suitable for living on land while making payments! OR Hold for an investment. Very low monthly payment. ONLY 15 min. from the ranch to Interstate 10, school, lodging, food, auto fuel & post office. Only 1 hour fromEl Paso! Old cattle ranch. Land is grassy, some areas hilly/mountainous with Beautiful Mountain Views. Property Taxes are estimated @ $100 per 20 acres. This decision to own land is a fast growing area will prove to be a winner in the years to come. OWN LAND in West Texas NOW!

    Buying Instructions: If down payment is $0, ONLY THE FIRST MONTHLY PAYMENT IS NEEDED TO PURCHASE the land, your Credit or Debit card will be charged at the end of the check out process. Future monthly payments will be mailed or payments can be made on the website.

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    Property Location
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    Down Payment: $0
    Monthly Payment: $498
    Sale Price: $55,000