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Down Payment: $199.00
$99 per/mo. 2014 price and pmt. Mtn views! Own land suitable to live on or simply hold for Inv't. .Only 2 lots remain from last yrs inventory.Buy now!
20 Acres, Unit 459, Tract 32
$199 Down, $99 per month
Down Payment: $199.00
Last years pmt of $99!! ONLY two lots remain @2014 price and pmt. Control almost 1,000,000 sq ft of land for $3.30 per day!Beautiful Mtn views!
20 Acres, Unit 453, Tract 22
$199 Down, $99 per month
New Listing! ONLY 1.5 miles from Paved Hwy #1111 and 5 min. from ranch to Interstate 10 & City services. Grassy land with slight roll. Surrounded by mtns.
20 Acres, Unit 629, Tract 15 SOLD!
$0 down, $128 per month
Close to County road and new development of travel/space center. Ideal for investor as prices are sure to be increased in the near future.Can use to live on now!
20 Acres, Unit 454, Tract 18
$0 Down, $128 per month
Hunters dream. Deer, quail, dove, jack rabbit. In the midst of foothills & mtn area. $0 Dwn. $128 per/mo. Won't last long!!
20 Acres, Unit 303, Tract 25
$0 Down, $128 per month
America's best buy! Beat NEXT price increase. Rolling grassy land. Beautiful mountain views. $0 Down, $128 per month.
20 Acres, Unit 303, Tract 27
$0 Down, $128 per month
America's Best Buy! Rolling grassy land surrounded by mountains. Ideal to camp, R/V's, log cabin, hunt or simply hold as an investment.
20 Acres, Unit 304, Tract 11
$0 down, $128 per month
New listing!Corner location with mtn view in your backyard.EZ access and surveyed with roads. ONLY 15 min to paved hwy #1111 and another 5 min to city services.
20 Acres, Unit 406, Tract 29
$0 Down, $128 per month
Unique situation.Double road access and close to Cnty road.This location is VERY spl.Suitable to live on or simply hold as inv't. Prices have been continuously rising.
20 Acres, Unit 419, Tract 11
$0 Down, $128 per month
Down Payment: $900.00
Electric Power Pole ON Land and Paved Highway Frontage! Corner Location! Last one of it's kind. Double access roads. Commercial use OR build your dream home. Growth area.
20 Acres, Unit 630, Tract 8 SOLD!
Down Payment $900.00
Just listed. Near stock tank. ONLY 15 min. from Paved Highway #1111 and another 10 min. to City services and Interstate 10. One of it's kind. Own now!
20 Acres, Unit 645, Tract 28
$0 Down, $128.00 per month
America's best value!Double access roads and ONLY 1 lot from main Cnty road.Today's buy is tomorrows GEM. Money Back Guarantee & No Credit Checks.$0 Down,$138 per/mo.
20 Acres, Unit 400, Tract 15 SOLD!
$0 down, $138 per month
ON Cnty maintained road with almost 1/2 mile of road frontage.VERY EZ access, with survey.Pie shaped land, only one of its kind.Grassy land with slight roll.Mtn views everywhere.
20 Acres, Unit 452, Tract 9
$0 down, $138 per month
New listing.Only two (2) lots from Electric!Fabulous inv't potential, suitable for recreational vehicles or home site.In addition, development underway only 7 miles away.
20 Acres, Unit 460, Tract 11
$0 down, $128 per month
Fall Special! Discounted $4000. Was $25,900 NOW $21,900. Corner location. Best value in America!Grassy with beautiful mtn views, suitable for living,hunting and RV's.
36 Acres, Unit 509, Tract 31 SOLD!
$0 down, $188 per month
New listing. Corner location with panoramic mtn views! Ideal for Home Site, Hunting, Camping and R/V's. Imagine owning & controlling almost 2 million sq/ft of land with $0 down
40 Acres, Unit 304, Tract 19,20 SOLD!
$0 Down, $198 per month
ONLY 15 miles from Paved highway #1111 and another 5 miles to Interstate 10, school, gas, food, lodging, post office and park.
40 Acres, Unit 428, Tract 3,4
$0 down, $198 per month
Corner location & VERY close to main road. Control almost 2,000,000 feet with 0 Down! Money Back Guarantee. Can't beat this value!
40 Acres, Unit 305, Tract 23,24 SOLD!
$0 down, $198 per month
New listing! Great location, ONLY 3.5 miles from Paved highway#1111. Own & control almost 2 million square feet of land with $0 Down & affordable payments.
40 Acres, Unit 641, Tract 29,30
$0 down, $198 per month
Location,Location,Location. ONLY 1.5 miles to Paved hwy #1111 and then 10 minutes to City services, I-10,School,Park, Post office.
40 Acres, Unit 625, Tract 10,18 SOLD!
$0 down, $198 per month
Special location.Nestled in the Sierra Diablo mountain range with fabulous panoramic views.Ideal for camping,hunting,R/V,home site or hold for investment.
40 Acres, Unit 510, Tract 5,6 SOLD!
$0 down, $198 per month
New Listing. America's Best Value!! Get away from the crowds, all three (3) lots surveyed with EZ access. Land is grassy with slight roll.
60 Acres, Unit 435, Tract 6,7,8
$0 Down, $298 per month
Fall Special!! $7,000 discount. Was $46,900 NOW $39,900. Two (2) Corner lots ON main entrance road with more than 1/4 mile of road frontage.
70 Acres, Unit 529, Tract 26,27,28
$0 Down, $348 per month
Down Payment: $900.00
Just Foreclosed!Was $67,600 now $39,900 Savings of $27,000!Control more than 3.3 million sq. ft. of land.Unbelievable deal & value.
80 Acres, Unit 518, Tract 9,10,11,12
$900 down, $368 per month
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