Enjoy the peacefulness of El Paso by becoming an owner of ranch or farm land located in West Texas. With up to 100 acres available for each buyer, there is plenty of  available quality living. Sunset Ranches offers affordability without stress. An owner finance is provided along with no money down. Park the RV and get started on building a new life.

El Paso Quality of Living

Surrounded by mountain scenery within the open air, each land owner can appreciate the quality of life. Cool winters and hot summers make El Paso an ideal place to live all year round. Use the land for farming or ranching without losing the convenience of living nearby city services.

Recreational Use

The owner of the land can rent out portions of the land or all of it for camping, hunting, hiking and riding horses or ATVs. The owner also has a choice to use the land for home living and exploring its recreational usage among friends and family as well. Whatever the choice is, El Paso quality of living cannot be denied as there are plenty of things to be able to do with the land aside from living on it.

Build a Home

With affordable property, why not build a dream home? This could be a log cabin, tiny home or a luxurious brick house. Explore the possibilities that make living in Hudspeth County inspirational and stress free.

Looking towards the future, Sunset Ranches makes an ideal location in West Texas for a comfortable country life with the benefits of city life  just a few miles away. As El Paso continues to grow, don't miss out buying land that is still affordable and well worth making the investment.

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