Americans of all generations are about to realize that the dreams they believed were past history can actually come true. From the Millennials to pre-retirement seniors, to people who have jobs in nearby El Paso, if you have wished to become a modern-day cowgirl or cowboy, you can now afford to live your dreams.

Modern Day Wild West

Crystal Clear Blue Skies above Western-Style Living

West Texas has 4,571 square miles in Hudspeth County alone. The last population census recorded 3,476 people. There are endless possibilities for populating business growth and development of every imaginable kind.

Ranchers of modern day use motorcycles, recreational vehicles, four wheelers, jeeps and pick-up trucks for getting around their 20-acre, 40-acre, or 100-acre ranches. Plus, every lot has a permanent street leading direct to it, there are no land- locked parcels in these tracts.

Leaving Urban Housing Laws Behind

There is wide-open space for permanent homes, but Texas Law in Hudspeth County, (the third largest county in the State), says owners can live in their RV's or mobile homes while building their retirement dream homes, ranch houses, or vacation homes.

Your Sunset Ranches land can be sub-divided into smaller home lots. You can plant orchards and produce or raise cattle, horses, llamas or smaller animals. Fishing, hunting, camping,  horseback riding, and hiking the miles of trails are perfectly acceptable in this area.

Special Amenities Come with Huge Acreage Parcels

Already established permanent roads lead to each parcel. Each lot is surveyed before being sold and the records of previous surveys are also available to the owners.

  • investors can re-sell their acreage by lots
  • lands are tested for well-water drilling resources
  • utility easements are in place on the ranches for electricity availability, often just one or two lots down the street
  • telephone service and internet service are established
  • properties can be powered by natural gas, propane, solar, or windmills
  • local fire department and police services already established
  • four school districts are set to expand to accommodate the influx of new residents and their families.

Jobs in El Paso

The metropolis of El Paso, located in the far western corner of Texas, hosts The University of Texas El Paso, The Medical Center of the Americas, The El Paso Intelligence Center, and has a very strong military presence.

Highways and Interstate Freeways connect the Sunset Ranches 

  1. Interstate 10
  2. Texas State Highway 20
  3. Trans-Pecos
  4. Texas State Highway 130
  5.  US 80 Loop 4166. Additional Farm to Market local roads, FM1111
  6. Find jobs in El Paso areas outside of their farms/ranches until local communities grow and develop new town businesses.

    Sunset Ranches Earns an A+ Rating with the BBB

    The land sale is pretty simple as Sunset Ranch requires a $0 down payment, affordable monthly payments by credit card with a Money-Back Guarantee. 

    Our Sunset Ranches staff of trained land professionals will help you with selecting the size and location of a perfect parcel for you. Call us for information at 866-496-8225. WE are happy to serve your online at

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