If you love to hunt, imagine hunting on your land. Create the hunting-lodge you’ve always wanted or rough it by setting up camp wherever you want to. It is possible to own property in West Texas, a hunter’s paradise.  The far west area of the state supports a variety of game, including Mule Deer, Antelope, Quail, and one animal that is becoming increasingly popular, feral hogs or Javelina/Peccary. One West Texas land company is providing an opportunity to purchase your private hunting grounds.

Four Reasons to Hunt Hogs

1.    Year-round Opportunity

Experts estimate Texas is home to approximately 3 million wild hogs. The authorities place no restrictions on the hunting of these animals. Although certain times of the year are better for hunting because feral hogs tend to roam in the daytime more during the spring, you are free to hunt them any time of year.

2.    A Cleaner Better Protein

The ideas that animals raised naturally produce better tasting and healthier meat are gaining ground. The methods of raising  animals that produce cleaner protein include free range, grass fed, and no chemicals or hormones. Wild pork grows up from birth as moving freely, eating grass and other natural foods, and tastes like earlier versions of domestic pork, before the use of artificial fattening methods. Modern domestic pigs can tip the scales at as much as 900 lbs. The best tasting pork usually is found on animals in the 75 to 150 lb. range.

3.    Fill Your Freezer

Although feral hogs weigh less, you must remember Texas places no bag limit on hunting these animals. You can take what you want and freeze leaner and healthier cuts of bacon, loin, chops, and sausage.

4.    Help the Environment

Because of their large numbers, feral pigs cause millions of dollars in property damage each year and destroy or damage the habitat of native species. They represent a nuisance, which is why hunting them enables  you to help control a dangerous situation. 

Step Up and Talk With a West Texas Land Company

If you are a hunter and have dreamt of having hunting land that belongs to you, stop waiting, A West Texas land company wants to help you. Now is the time to contact Sunset Ranches. They will walk you through every step of making your property ownership dreams come true. They have parcels starting from 20 acres up to 100 hundred acres, with $0 down financing to begin the process. Today’s the day to make it happen. Let this West Texas land company help you pick out your parcel and start hunting.












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