For over 30 years, Sunset Ranches have been selling land in West Texas. We aim to help Americans fulfill the dream of land ownership by offering highly affordable prices. Our staff of professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable in every facet of land ownership offer guidance through the process of purchasing land. 

Texas land loans 

For many who aspire to own land, financing is a hurdle. After being in the business for three decades, Sunset Ranches understands this and came up with a solution that offers prospective land buyers affordable Texas land loans.

Another hurdle land buyers face is qualifying for a loan. Following the housing market crash a few years ago, lenders are particular about who they lend to today. Even if one does qualify for a loan, putting together the money for a hefty down payment is another barrier.

Sunset Ranches effectively removes this barrier with no-stress owner-financed Texas land loans. Our loans are from $0, there are no qualifications, and we offer a money-back guarantee. All you need is the desire to own land in West Texas and we will do the rest.

Lenders also make land ownership complicated by penalizing borrowers for paying off a loan early. Sunset Ranches Texas land loans have no such clause. You can pay for your land and clear your loan ahead of schedule without any penalty at all. You can do this in full or by making extra payments on top of the amount you are scheduled to pay in monthly installments. Doing this can add up to significant savings in the interest you pay which is why conventional lenders penalize borrowers.

What's the catch?

Prospective buyers may question why land at Sunset Ranches is so inexpensive. The simple answer is that we buy large tracts of land which costs less than buying per acre. We then pass this cost advantage to our clients. 


Available land

Most of the parcels of land we have are 20 acres or 871,200 square feet. Think about a football field and try to put together 20 of them; 20 acres is bigger than this. Buyers who wish to do so can also purchase more than one parcel of land. 

All Sunset Ranch properties are surveyed by a state-licensed, registered, and qualified surveyor. Metal posts are used to mark out borders. We also have  unpaved roads to give buyers easy access to their property.

Land can be used for different purposes. This includes recreational activities , such as hunting, camping, hiking, horseback riding, and ranching. You can also build your home and live on the land. Another thing you can do is set up a B&B or country inn where you can host guests who want to come out to West Texas and enjoy these recreational activities.

Get started

As soon as your Texas land loan has been processed and you receive your signed Agreement or Contract, you can start using your land. Enjoy easy access to businesses who have recently opened in the El Paso area where Sunset Ranches is located.  Amenities include shopping centers, health care providers, schools, and entertainment facilities. El Paso International Airport has also completed major expansion including new services to major cities.

Seize your dream!

These improvements have increased the demand for land in West Texas. Contact us today and let us help you make the dream of owning land in West Texas come true.


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