In the US state of Texas lies Hudspeth County. The county is named after Claude Benton Hudspeth, a former state senator and US representative from El Paso.

Hudspeth County is part of the El Paso, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is one of the nine counties that forms the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. The county that is in the northeast from the Mexican border is one of the only two Texas counties that observes the Mountain Time Zone. 

Economic activities

Hudspeth county land has four main economic activities:

  • Mining for stone and gypsum.
  • Hunting
  • Tourism for attractions, such as fort sites, white sands, hot springs, birding, unique plant life, canyons, and a part of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  • Agribusiness like cotton and vegetable farming, alfalfa, and raising beef cattle.

Living off the grid on Hudspeth county land

Land prices are at the lowest they have been in years. However,  the value of this land is projected to rise sooner rather than later. With the prices being what they are at the moment, the time to make a viable real estate deal in the county is now.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to live off the grid, consider taking advantage of this opportunity to buy yourself affordable Hudspeth county land. This is also the time to consider buying land if you want to get involved in farming or make an investment in the hunting business. 

Own Hudspeth county land with Sunset Ranches

Perhaps you are interested in buying land in this part of Texas, but you don't know how to go about it. Sunset Ranches is the Texas premier land seller that will make the process of buying land  smooth and straightforward. We also offer the best deals in terms of price. Consider the following examples of our offers:

  • 20 acres of land, Unit 444, Tract 20. This parcel of land has a corner location, high elevation, a grassy foothill area, lovely view of mountains all around and is in a peaceful and secluded area. This parcel requires a down payment of $199 and a monthly payment of $99.
  • 20 acres of land, Unit 445, Tract 14. There is a 10% off sale prices on this parcel which has dual road access, stunning mountain views, privacy and security. It is ideal for hunters and sports enthusiasts who can enjoy hunting quail, deer, doves and jack rabbits. It is also ideal for horse riding and hiking along the roads that stretch over 100 miles. No down payment is offered and the monthly payments are $138.
  • 20 acres of land, Unit 452, Tract 9. This parcel has great road access as it lies on a big tank county road. There is one mile of road frontage and one lot from stock tanks. There are majestic mountains all around. With no down payment and for $ 138 per month, you get this parcel with roads, completed surveying, a guaranteed money back privilege and land that is near two cities.

Just a taste

These are just some of the few fabulous deals for Hudspeth county land that you can get from Sunset Ranches. Contact us and let is help you to make the dream of owning your own land true. Get that land before someone else does.


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