If you enjoy living  a rich history and cultural experience,  Texas is the place for you. Many people are moving there from other states because of the high percentage of growth. Statistics show that half of the fastest growing towns in USA are in the city of Texas.

Here are a few things  to know about living in Texas:

Jobs and Education

Not only are there a large number of  both blue collar and high wage jobs in Texas,  Texas also has some of the best schools in the country.  This is one of many reasons that university graduates settle down and stay for the long haul. 

Real Estate Prices

There is plenty of land in Texas if you are looking to build.  The supply and demand of homes in Texas go together. This means that the real estate prices in the state are less than the national average. You can buy quality property for a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else. 


The residents of Texas are friendly and proud of their state’s heritage. They also still celebrate Texas Independence Day on March 13.


Texas is big. This is why temperatures can vary, depending on where you live. From humid to dry, the specifics depend on where you are.

Although,  Texas likes to boast about its beautiful Fall and Spring weather, as well as many areas that experience mild winters of light snow.  From moderate to extreme, Texas weather is an experience. 

Culture and History

Texas has an interesting history, as well as a rich and diverse culture. From culinary delights from many different ethnicities to its museums and landmarks, Texas is a place where you can never claim to be bored. 

If you are considering a move or learning more about the benefits of living in Texas,  contact Sunset Ranches at 1-866-496-8225. 

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