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Acres For Sale: What to Consider Before Buying Land

Are you looking for  acres for sale? While a person might use the services of a real estate agent to find the right piece of land,

here are some things that should be taken into consideration:


Before speaking to a real estate agent, the person looking to buy land should determine what matters most in terms of location. How much is the buyer willing to spend on land? The location of a piece of land determines its cost: land that is near amenities is usually costlier than that which is not.

Can it Be Built On?

Although all land may seem to meet the building requirements of the buyer’s dream home, it is important to figure out how much of it can be built on. Soil conditions and topography are essential in determining whether a land can be developed. Poor soils usually affect the cost of construction as well as the size of concrete footing.

Type of Land

There are two types of land: developed land, which has roads built and utilities brought to the site and undeveloped land, which has no roads or utilities. There are pros and cons of owning each of these pieces of land. The buyer needs to know what his priorities are and how much money he is willing to spend because developed land is costlier than undeveloped land.


What types of permits will be required where the property is located? In some jurisdictions, the requirements for permitting are very limited – one may only need well or septic system permits. However, in other jurisdictions, the buyer needs multiple permits for all aspects of the project.


This element may not be a factor in the land that you want to buy. However, if it is attached to your land’s deed, you need to know in advance to include it in the design of your home. What is a lien? It is a monetary claim against property to secure a debt or obligation of the current property owner. Liens usually show up when a title search is done and many banks require them to be satisfied for your land purchase to be completed.

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