Choosing The Best Land Near El Paso Real Estate

Hudspeth County has a bountiful amount of land with great potential. The views, great growth rate and  location can make any person happy. The real question is how much of the land a person wants. Sunset Ranches gives buyers an affordable option with $0 and low monthly payments. Their 20 to 100-acre…

Is This the Time to Invest in Real Estate in Texas?

The Texas real estate market continues to improve. This makes it a great time for investors and those looking to purchase a home to buy now. At the beginning of 2016, homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area rose 9.5% above the prices from the year prior. That marked four straight years of growth in…

Top 5 Tips for Building a Texas Ranch on a Budget

Buying and building a Texas ranch doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are the top five tips for finding ranch land even if you're on a tight budget. 

Acres For Sale: What to Consider Before Buying Land

Are you looking for acres for sale? While a person might use the services of a real estate agent to find the right piece of land, here are some things that should be taken into consideration

A Little About Hudspeth County

If you are an investment minded hunter, farmer, hiker, or R/V owner and are interested in purchasing a piece of land in Hudspeth County, contact Sunset Ranches.

Sunset Ranches has Texas Land for Sale

How does one obtain Texas land for sale? Sunset Ranches is a land development company based in El Paso is ready to help you pursue that dream of land acquisition, with parcels located in Hudspeth County, about an hour away from Van Horn and El Paso.

Top 5 Benefits of Owner Financed Land

Owner financed land makes it easy to find the perfect parcel at the perfect price without all of the headaches and red tape.  Here are the top Five benefits of buying owner financed land in West Texas.

How to Find the Perfect Land for Sale in West Texas

When you're a hard working rancher or land owner, you probably look forward to the times when you can relax and enjoy some recreational activities.  When you find land for sale that offers these type of amenities, you're never too far away from fun with friends and family.

Texas Ranch Land for Sale: Now is the Time for Ownership

Texas ranch land for sale in the western part of the great state evokes images of cattle, horses and a frontier set-up. With the state of the housing market as it is, now is the time for those who’ve always harbored the dream of land ownership to let Sunset Ranches close the deal. The land is…

El Paso – The Sun City’s Top Attractions

The first introduction most tourists and transplants have to El Paso is the agreeable climate, which is a year-round attribute. After all, it’s not known as the Sun City for no reason. The sun generally shines for more than 300 days out of the year. This has led a place with a slew of open venues…