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El Paso – The Sun City’s Top Attractions

The first introduction most tourists and transplants have to El Paso is the agreeable climate, which is a year-round attribute.

After all, it’s not known as the Sun City for no reason. The sun generally shines for more than 300 days out of the year. This has led a place with a slew of open venues where newcomers can experience the bustling and culturally-diverse enclaves scattered throughout the large city.

Sun City Entertainment

Voted as one of the best cities in the States to raise a family, the Sun City has it all: art galleries, petting zoos, vineyards for the adults and historically significant land such as Hueco State Parks, which stretches back to the beginning of settlement of the U.S. The many museums in El Paso encompass architecture, art, history and more. Countless options for breakfast, lunch and dinner embrace a huge range of international and local cuisine.

For many families, one of the first stops during a visit (or during any random weekend for residents) is the El Paso zoo, where kids can marvel at the elephants, tigers, African lions and giraffes. For more docile fare, there’s a petting “zoo” in the Licon Dairy farm for safe, up-close interaction with small, growing baby goats.

Plenty of Adult Activities in El Paso

Although grown-ups love zoos, too, El Paso is large enough to provide more adult fare – the Zin Valle Vineyards is a popular spot for eclectic wine-tasting. It’s been said that the wine-tasting here rivals the best that California’s NAPA Valley has to offer. There are even a few casinos nearby, for those inclined to try their lot with Lady Luck.

Texas Ranch Deals and Sun City

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