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Is This the Time to Invest in Real Estate in Texas?

The Texas real estate market continues to improve. This makes it a great time for investors and those looking to purchase a home to buy now.

At the beginning of 2016, homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area rose 9.5% above the prices from the year prior. That marked four straight years of growth in regards to pricing, as well as housing demand for the state. Reports show that more and more people are looking for property but the demand can not keep up, which is the reason prices continue to climb.

Over the past year, the market has dropped quite a bit, but 2017 is projected to be another great year for Texas. The reason for the decline in home values is attributed to a lower demand on oil throughout the state. This caused significant job loss and decreased demand for housing. In 2017, Duke Food Productions is set to open up a facility, bringing back many jobs to Texas. This will lead to a boom in the market and another stellar year for Texas. Because of this, now is a better time than ever to invest in property in the state. Currently prices are low, but are projected to rise in the near future.

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