20 Acres, Unit 121, Tract 29

    ON SAN FELIPE ROAD AND ONLY 1/2 MILE FROM PAVED ROAD! 3 MILES TO EL PASO COUNTY AND ANOTHER 15 MIN TO INTERSTATE 10! DOUBLE ACCESS ROADS, PANORAMIC MOUNTAIN VIEWS. INCREDIBLE                OPPORUNITY TO OWN LAND IN THE PATHWAY OF GROWTH. LAST ONE OF IT'S KIND. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!! Only 35 min. from ranch to El Paso. Land has been surveyed, Roads, EZ access and road signs. Affordable monthly payments                                                        




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    Investment grade land as prices have gone up consistently during the last 6 years. Growth area and many exciting events are taking place in the County. Suitable for living on land while waiting for the growth to happen. Low property taxes, no qualifications - Owner Financing & Money Back Guarantee. Enjoy the Picturesque Sun Sets,Fresh Clean Air & Beautiful Mountain views in all directions. Own Land NOW!! NOW is the time to purchase land while still affordable.

    Buying Instructions: If down payment is $0, ONLY THE FIRST MONTHLY PAYMENT IS NEEDED TO PURCHASE the land, your Credit or Debit card will be charged at the end of the check out process. Future monthly payments will be mailed or payments can be made on the website.

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    Property Location
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    SAVE $3,000 by making a ONE-TIME principal payment of ONLY $388!!

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    Down Payment: $0
    Monthly Payment: $168
    Sale Price: $19,800